New Site Host

Jon here. It’s been a while since we first launched our site, and despite some tweaks here and there, it’s been working out well for us. Recently though, our previous host made some changes to their pricing model that didn’t really work for us anymore. Always up for the tech-y challenges, I decided it was high time we moved away from “do it all for you” style hosts and to a proper VPS.

It certainly was a learning curve – having never used a VPS before…or Linux for that matter, there were certainly plenty of shouting matches with my new friend bash. But with some tremendous support from a couple great fans, I was able to break through the wall!

So not much more than that – just a quick update as, during the transfer, the site was down for an evening as domains changed over (and I made some pretty epic screw-ups). Everything should be sorted out here once again, but apologies if any communications bounced during the cut-over (once again, my sysadmin skills on full display).

And now, back to hitting drums rather than keys.

Jon out.

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