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Hard at work.

House of Pines is hard at work preparing some new tracks for you. As we continually improve our self-recording setup, the results are getting better and better.

We now have some performance videos at our YouTube channel, here is Nightmares:

Check us out at Rendezvous Pub on July 6th.

Guitars On Display

Whether it’s made in Canada, China, USA, Korea, or some combination of parts from old guitars and random eBay or pawn shop shit that we ran across, we down-tune it, and spin heavy grooves with it.

Xyphos and Clamor Finished

The Xyphos setup was updated – removed the neck shims, which allowed the neck to sit more like the Clamor – and allowed the bridge saddles to be lowered slightly and action at the neck increased. Also the grain has darkened slightly on its own. Now to dial in the pickups.

The custom Clamor build is now complete!



Clamor build update.

The body work is almost done! Eik woodworking is doing a fantastic job – for a very good price. Contact him if you want to build a custom electric guitar body.


IMG_7812_0 IMG_7823 (1) IMG_7836

House of Pines would like to take a moment to thank and link to our photographers.

Marie Whipple Photography –

True Sol Photography –

Leanne Koz Photography –

Photos by Brian McKnight –