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Clamor build update.

The body work is almost done! Eik woodworking is doing a fantastic job – for a very good price. Contact him if you want to build a custom electric guitar body.


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House of Pines would like to take a moment to thank and link to our photographers.

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The Next Guitar Build – Clamor

The next guitar project – the world is full of boring V guitars. I want a natural finish V, but not just an average-looking Rhoads. And this is different from most guitars – there are no curves – just angles.

I don’t name things I own, ever… but this design reminded me of a wolf howling. So, as one does, I followed words on and decided to name it Clamor.

The parts are in the mail – will go with Miracle Man by Bareknuckle Pickups.


The Pawnshop Washburn Rebuild

This was donated to me by my good friend Tim, in a state of disrepair and, in my opinion, ugliness. He wanted it to go to a good home, and since it was in fact a stolen guitar at some point, luthiers were hesitant to fix it for him.

So begins the transformation. New neck arrived today.

Will add:

  • Licensed Floyd Rose in black with after-market brass sustain block
  • Black machine heads
  • New 42mm nut (the neck came with a reverse nut. I know, what the sh!t is up with that)
  • Fretboard inlay “tree of life” stickers
  • New knobs already added
  • 17-80 strings tuned to Drop A# as per the House of Pines standards of string tension exorbitancy
  • Let’s hope the pickups are sufficiently metal already, because I’m seriously running out of money with all these projects on the go